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How do I set-up an account with D&H?

D&H welcomes and accommodates the medical supply needs for a variety of businesses.  To begin the set-up and registration process, please click here for our registration application.


How long does it take to set-up and account with D&H?

D&H prides ourselves on a quick turn-around with our registration process.  Most registrations are completed within a 24-48 hours.


Can anyone set-up an account with D&H?

Currently, we accept registration with D&H from a variety of facilities: clinics, government agencies, home health’s, hospitals, laboratories, nurse practitioners, nursing homes, pharmacies, physicians, physician assistants, veterinarians, wholesale/distributors, and others. We do not sell products to the general public at this time.


What information do I need to submit to set-up an account?

In order to become properly registered, practitioners and professionals are required to submit their state license (DEA registration).  If you dispense medication in your office, you must provide a copy of your state dispensing license.  Nurse practitioners, if your state requires a collaborating physician, you must submit a collaborating physicians agreement that includes the collaborating physician’s license, a drug legend, and device authorization form. (enter links over the text for the various forms mentioned).


If your business does not use a licensed practitioner or AHP, please provide a description of your business and your need supply needs with your registration application in the Other section.  Most of our over-the-counter (OTC) inventory, is open to businesses who do not have an overseeing health practitioner.

What if my facility is tax-exempt?

D&H welcomes tax-exempt facilities.  Please include a copy of your exemption certificate and local tax rate with the registration application.


What are the requirements for controlled substances?

Please submit the D&H due diligence form for practitioners if you plan on purchasing controlled substances.


How long does it take for my order to arrive?

D&H uses UPS for shipping.  Most orders shipped within 120 miles of Ruston, Louisiana arrive the next day. Our customer service representatives can give you a definitive time-frame for your specific ship-to location.

What is the deadline for placing an order to receive it the next day?

If you are within the next-day shipping area, orders must be placed by 3 pm CST.

Credit Account

What are the types of payment?

·     ACH-(Automated Clearing House) means you allow D &H to automatically withdraw your payment from the account you provide.  Additional paperwork and fees apply for this option.

·     Credit Card- we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. (Ran as the order is processed)

·     Credit Card EOM-The above listed credit cards will be processed for the full amount of your balance on your account when statements are cut each month.

·     Net 10 EOM- anything purchased within one month is due by the 10thof the following month.

·      Net 30-purchases are due 30 days from date of invoice.


What is required to be approved for credit terms?

You must provide D&H with 3 trade reference to be considered for credit terms.  D&H will need the trade reference name, account number, contact, phone and fax number.

How do you determine credit limit?

Credit limits are determined based off of your trade references, an estimated monthly volume and projected usage.  Credit limits are subject to change based on order history, payment history, and projected medical supply usage.

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